radiant intensive

Transformed by Jesus to Change the World


The program

                                             Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength...


Passionate pursuit

Radiant Intensive will inspire you to live a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God.  Rich teaching and worship will draw you deeper into encountering Jesus and advancing God's Kingdom on earth.  

Each week, students will participate in a prayer and worship meeting where we seek to change the earth through prayer as well as change our own hearts in love for God and His Word.  Special seminars following prayer meetings will explore deeper life topics and train you how to graciously minister in the Holy Spirit as a foundation for knowing God and reaching others.  Throughout everything we do, prayer, passion, and relationship with God are always number one. 




academic instruction

In a society which is full of cultural messaging, we firmly believe every Christian should have the intellectual frameworks needed to navigate church, society, and the marketplace successfully.  There is so much information in secular and religious spheres—how do you know what to believe?  Our academic component is meant to provide you with relevant knowledge of the world around you, and to inspire you to explore more.

Each week, classes are offered which take some of the best and most important ministry topics—such as Theology, Bible, Church History—and present them in a way that makes them relevant and engaging.  Important life skills topics—Career planning, Counseling—are also presented in an academic format to aid your quest of knowing God, finding freedom, discovering your purpose, and making a difference.  Even if you have never considered going to seminary or a Bible school program, you will get the best of it from this component of Radiant Intensive. 



caring community

We believe that God created us to live in relationship with others and that only then can we live the full life that He intends for us.  We are integrated into the vibrant community of Radiant Church, where lessons go beyond the classroom and you'll find safety and support.  Church services, small groups, and other corporate opportunities give you space to interact with and apply what you're learning, as well as solidify foundations in your heart that God can build on for a lifetime.  Healthy leaders, families, and mentors are on your side to make it the best year ever.



leadership and ministry program

Our leadership and ministry classes will help you achieve the habits and skills necessary to rise within the sphere of influence God is calling you to, whether that is professional ministry, missions, or a non-ministry setting.  Weekly classes will be taught by pastors and high-quality leaders who will coach you through the in's and out's of church operations, leading teams, public speaking, event-planning, and more. 

The key to our leadership program is an activation component which allows you to practice preaching, improvisational speaking, and other forms of professional communication.  There is also plenty of interaction time to discuss your goals and get your real-life questions answered. The competencies you will gain here will help you become successful wherever God takes you.


discipleship small groups

You will come alive in our small-group discipleship program as you pursue Jesus and grow in your capacity to love and follow Him in your daily walk.  Once a week, you will come together for food and fellowship, worship, and a time of small group sharing to discuss a book or Scriptural topic you are studying.  You will meet people who really care for you, can pray for you, and help you through your year with all the new life experiences it brings.  

Also, crucial to discipleship is finding your purpose and setting practical steps to walk it out. You will be challenged to steward your gifts, calling, and talents, as well as take ownership of your future.  You will also be guided toward making new disciples of Jesus and keeping your eyes on those outside the church who desperately need God.  Every aspect of our discipleship time will call you higher and deeper in your devotion to Jesus, and help you anchor your identity more firmly in your loving Father.



foundations for success

Whether this year will be your first year away from home, or a reboot or discovery year, every aspect of RI is designed to support you in your ability to take responsible action in your own life, and to grow in the competencies you'll need for success.  Classes and seminar experiences will help you find your path of influence, and develop you both ministerially and professionally so that you can take the next step God is leading you to.      




Why RI?

Radiant Intensive is a life-changing discipleship experience designed for college-age students. In just one year, we help you cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God, become true disciples of Jesus, gain the knowledge you need to change things around you, and develop skills to lead the next generation. You will gain friendships for life, find a passionate church community, and be equipped for your next step after graduation.  At Radiant Intensive, students are transformed by Jesus to change the world.



RI meets four nights per week, with each night focused on establishing foundations in one of four areas: leadership development, academics, discipleship, and prayer and ministry training.  On Sunday mornings, students serve as part of the Radiant Church Dream Team as a leadership practicum.  The program is arranged so that students can work a job or pursue their continuing education during the normal work week.



September 2019- June 2020



Monday-Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm.

Sundays until 3pm.



Tuition Cost: $900 per semester

Mission trip: additional, TBA




For more information, contact us at RadIntensive@gmail.com.






David and Renata Perkins

David and Renata Perkins dreamed of planting a church with these goals—to help people know Jesus, walk closely with Jesus everyday, discover their calling, and shine the light of Jesus to the world. With a growing burden that they just could not shake, they loaded up their four young children and drove to multiple cities in the Midwest asking God to lead them to the right city. While they prayed in Kansas City, they sensed God’s call and they began to make plans to start a life-giving church in Kansas City.

After sixteen wonderful years of pastoring young people in Colorado Springs, the Perkins moved to Kansas City to pioneer a brand new church. To their wonderful surprise, a world class team of talented young adults and trustworthy families moved to Kansas City with them. The Perkins began weekly prayer meetings in their home and officially began Radiant Church on September 18, 2016. Hundreds gathered that day at Overland Trail Middle School in Overland Park, Kansas and Radiant Church became a reality.

David graduated from Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma City with a bachelor's degree in religion. While pastoring in Colorado Springs, he obtained a master's degree in theology from The King's University. Renata graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in English. Together, they have four wonderful children and love raising their family in Kansas City.


joshua hubbard

Program Director Joshua Hubbard has been a serious follower of Jesus since middle school.  In the midst of his studies at Auburn University, Joshua began to feel the pull of the Holy Spirit and left school in order to pursue a ministry degree at Highlands College in Birmingham, AL.  There he was mentored by the leaders of one of America’s largest and most successful churches on the best practices of church leadership.   The calling on Joshua’s life was confirmed by helping to launch seven satellite campuses for Highlands, becoming one of the first students to preach a chapel service, and eventually helping to lead the Pastoral Leadership practicum. 

Subsequently, Joshua was recruited by several successful churches, but followed the call of God to help plant Radiant Church where he led the church’s serve team, the Dream Team.  Joshua’s passion for Jesus, his leadership excellence, and his heart for young people are the core of what makes Radiant Intensive a life-changing experience.




Will Riddle is Academic Dean for Radiant Intensive and leads the Prayer & Encounter night.  He is author of eight books on practical topics, including Free at Last: How to Make the Gospel Work, and No Exit: Finding Jesus in the Maze of Religion.  Will has been part of three church plants, including one to Boston where he worked with campus ministries in the Cambridge area, and one to Cincinnati, OH where he worked in urban ministry and with key political leaders on issues of Christian liberty.  Most recently, he moved with his family to Kansas City to help launch Radiant Church where he serves as leader of the Prayer Team and helps people move in their spiritual gifts.  In addition to his role at Radiant Church, Will is Executive Director of Operations for Prison Fellowship, founded by Chuck Colson.  He holds a degree in Computer Science from Duke University and a Masters in Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  

Jaime Riddle is the Lead Academic Instructor for Radiant Intensive.  Saved from atheism during her first year at Duke University, Jaime’s passion is to see students equipped to take on the intellectual systems of the world.  She led the Imago Dei worldview ministry at Duke, co-led campus ministry events with students from MIT, Boston University, and Wellesley, taught in the Every Nation Leadership Institute, Faith Bible College, and several enrichment programs including Brighton Academy and the Providence Extension Program.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree from Regent University in Education.  She is the author of a social studies textbook on Mexican-American heritage and is the homeschool mom of four outstanding children. 


IMG_0950 (1).jpeg


David and Katie Bear are the Directors of Discipleship for Radiant Intensive.  David and Katie are parents to three beautiful children and have been married for 13 years. David is an accomplished worship leader and an Account Executive for CLH Insurance.  Katie works at Saint Luke’s Health System as an Information Associate.  David is a pastor’s son and felt the call of God from an early age but lost his way in high school.  In a jail cell during his senior year, God recaptured David’s life and he has never looked back.  In his pursuit of God, he met Katie, whom God called out from a destructive life of partying and drugs. David and Katie have a passion for inspiring and training young people to be strong in their identity as sons and daughters of the Most High God. 

For six years, David and Katie co-led the React Young Adult Ministry in Cincinnati, OH where they discipled young adults in foundations of the faith.  In 2016, David and Katie joined the Radiant Church plant team, where David served as the discipleship pastor for the worship team and Katie co-led the children’s ministry.  It is through their faith and passion that we believe every student in Radiant Intensive will become true disciples of Jesus.