School Option 

 In order to lead a generation, we need whole-hearted Christ followers in every sphere of culture. We need doctors, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, businesswomen, coaches, counselors, nurses, and every other profession. Many of you need to take this season to obtain a college degree, however, crucial to succeeding in your life in God while being in school is community.

Do not merely go to school and hope you'll find passionate Christ followers with the same vision and mission as you, CHOOSE to be a part of a vibrant community where you'll have intentional discipleship and leadership training. 


Work Option

We are in Kansas City in order to reach this Kansas City! You are called to be salt and light to the world, to be in it, while not letting it be in you.

We are excited for Radiant Intensive students who are spending their days pursuing careers, working jobs, and gaining valuable experience while being the salt and light to this vibrant and growing city.


Bridge Year Option


This option allows you to play a significant role on the Dream Team, experience additional hands-on ministry practicum and be immersed in the purpose and culture of Radiant Church. This will be a safe yet new experience that is designed to allow you to grow in your ministry passions, encourage innovative thinking, develop leadership skills and foster maturity.


A Bridge Year is often taken as a one year internship between high school and college in order to experience full-time ministry. Empowering students to fulfill their God-given purpose is something that we are passionate about. Some of you want to take this year to serve the mission and vision of Radiant Church because you are interested in vocational ministry.