School Option 

To lead a generation, we need whole-hearted followers of Christ in every sphere of society. We need ministers and missionaries.  We also need doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, counselors, and every other profession. If you are in the process of obtaining your degree, we want to offer you an unparalleled opportunity for spiritual growth and community while you do so. 

RI is designed to give you the friends and support you need while going to school. You will receive academic training to equip your mind in Kingdom-thinking.  You will immerse yourself in a community of prayer, purity, and passion.  You will also receive customized discipleship to help you discover your purpose and take your next steps after college. 


Work Option

We are excited for RI students who are employed and gaining valuable experience in the working world.  Some are just getting started and others are deepening in their career pursuits.  Our program is designed to give you the support and community you need while working.  It is also formatted as a night school program to accommodate the typical workweek.   

Qualified RI staff will help you figure how your skill sets and passion for God intersect.  We will also help you gain leadership and professional skills which will help you in whatever career path you are pursuing.  At the same time, you will develop ministry skills for leadership in the local church and be encouraged to fulfill your heart in God as you build plans for the future.


Bridge Year Option


RI is designed to give students time and opportunities to explore their passions before they make big decisions about school, ministry, or employment.  Students will be part of a dynamic leadership team at church, where coaches will encourage them in service, leadership, initiative, and professionalism.  A year of this, in addition to classes and discipleship, will ensure that they have the environment to develop their hearts, skills, and vision for the future.


Some students choose to do RI as a bridge-year internship.  This may be a year between high school and college, in order to solidify plans for the future or experience full-time ministry.  Others take a year off from ministry or full-time employment to deepen their relationship with Jesus and submit their life plans to Him.  Empowering students to fulfill their God-given purpose is something that we are passionate about.