Why Radiant Intensive?

Radiant Intensive is a unique and innovative program designed to disciple and equip young adults at Radiant Church in Kansas City. Through prayer, discipleship, teaching and hands on ministry, you will grow in passion for Jesus, develop greater depth in your relationship with Christ and be a part of a like-hearted community serving to build a thriving local church while having the ability to pursue your education and career. We are radically committed to making disciples and developing leaders. We believe that it is crucial that students are a part of a like-hearted community, pursuing Jesus, and being equipped and empowered as a leader to impact this generation during these years. 


You have a God-given desire to be wholehearted and to live for something bigger than yourself. You are most alive when you give all to Jesus and follow him with everything. That is what Radiant Intensive is about; a year given to seeking Jesus and spend yourself on advancing His kingdom.

Radiant Intensive was created to allow you to have a major role in the launch of Radiant Church, to be a part of a fervent community of faith-filled believers, pursue the dreams of God over your life, grow in your personal calling and giftings, be personally discipled by the Radiant Church team, and partner in prayer for a move of God in our day. 

Next year could be one of the most important years of your life. Not just based on where you go or what you do, but based on who you will become. At Radiant Intensive, we are looking for young men and women who want to grow in passion for Jesus and advance His kingdom in this generation. We want to invite you to come and be on the front lines of what God is doing at Radiant Church.

Go deeper in your walk with Jesus. Find community. Pray hard. Advance the kingdom. Join us!

For the Lamb’s Reward,

Dan and Amy Perkins

Radiant Intensive Directors


rey-dee-uh nt

1. sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

2. bright with joy, hope



1. concentrated on a single area or subject or into a short time; very thorough or vigorous.

2. involving special effort or concentration

We are called to disciple and empower young believers, within the culture of Radiant Church, to know god, Find Freedom, Discover their purpose, and willingly spend themselves in order to make a DIFFERENCE and advance the kingdom of God in this generation.