radiant intensive

Transformed by Jesus to Change the World



What you will do...

Prayer Meetings

We believe that prayer is not only the primary means of advancing God’s Kingdom on the earth, but it also serves as the greatest discipleship mechanism there is. Our goal is to change the earth through our prayers as well as change our own hearts in love for God and His word. Each student will participate in prayer meetings throughout the week. Our prayer meeting format combines prayer and worship.

Leadership Development Classes

We want to always be learning and growing. Leaders are readers. We will study the scriptures, theology, practical ministry, and leadership while reading books that will call you higher and deeper in your devotion to Jesus.

Discipleship Groups

Honest and vulnerable relationships centered around wholehearted devotion to Jesus is crucial to our longevity in following hard after God. You will be in a group with a staff leader and other fellow students to share your heart, encourage, and challenge each other on a weekly basis. These groups are created for the purpose of accountability, discipleship, and friendship.

Reaching the City

We are in this city to reach this city. Each week we will take an afternoon to be intentional to evangelize, serve, prayer walk, and engage in city events to spread the Gospel as well as spread the word about Radiant Church.   

personal Development Plan

Crucial to discipleship is finding your purpose and setting practical steps to walk it out. You will be challenged to aggressively steward your gifts, calling and talents through individual equipping and empowering. Each semester you will establish a development plan and accountability for your personalized projects. You’ll have time each week to study/research, experience, and receiving coaching.


We desire to see youth and young adult ministries across the country reframed to be built on passion for Jesus. You will be a signficant part of leading a generation to live in desperate pursuit of God through conferences, tours and missions.


We believe that God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life that He intends for us. We are exited for you to be involved in a Radiant Church small group and/or leading student small groups.




September 2018- May 2019

Tuition and Housing

Program Cost

Tuition Cost: $600 per semester

Includes: Instruction | Books | Retreats

Cost covers retreats, apparel, all reading materials, community building events, group teaching and discipleship with experienced ministry leaders.


Housing Options

Along with the many housing options available around Kansas City, students have the opportunity to rent rooms or rental properties from families of Radiant Church. These families have agreed to open their homes at a reduced rate in order to make it easier for students to be a part of Radiant Intensive. Monthly rent + utilities vary and can range from $200-$300 that will be paid directly to the home owner. 

Students will likely be rooming with other students in the program and will need to furnish their bedroom. 


For more information, contact us at RadIntensive@gmail.com.